Valuation, Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution

We undertake a wide variety of professional work including valuations of all types of houses and rural property for security lending, sales and acquisitions, taxation and litigation purposes. We provide strategic estate planning advice and Edward Briggs’ is a recognised expert in negotiations with HMRC in connection with agricultural and business property relief issues that affect land and estates.

We provide expert valuation evidence for disputes, including mediation, arbitrations, lands tribunal hearings and court proceedings, acting on behalf of a broad range of clients including private individuals, public companies, utilities, local authorities and Government departments.

Edward is an arbitrator and was appointed to the RICS Dispute Resolution Services panel of arbitrators in 2009 and independent experts in 2017. As of January 2017, he is listed on the RICS Register of Expert Witnesses.

Expert Witness

The value of property may be disputed, it is frequently a requirement that the parties in dispute obtain advice or a third party determination of the value of an asset or the provision of evidence to a process of third party determination. The courts require Expert Witnesses to be unbiased, objective and independent from the dispute. We are able to offer valuation services acting as either Expert Witness in accordance with RICS mandatory guidelines and Civil Procedure Regulations or to act as an independent, third party expert valuer.

Dispute Resolution

We understand that, more often than not, disputes are emotional and are always of the greatest importance to the involved parties. We work with the parties to seek to resolve the dispute by the most appropriate method depending on the nature of the dispute or parties involved;

  • Adjudication

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Independent Expert

  • Expert Witness