Planning, Development & Diversification

More than ever the diversification and compliance with regulation requires individuals and rural businesses to navigate the planning system. Regular changes in the legislation can provide challenges but also opportunities.

We have extensive knowledge of advising our clients from providing new farm buildings, to diversification and strategic planning, to land promotion.

New Agricultural Buildings & Change of Use

Using our knowledge of farming we are able to produce robust justification statements and advise on the best mechanism for achieving new farm buildings without compromising other opportunities which may be achievable.

Change of use of buildings can be achieved through obtaining full planning permission, through permitted development rights or via Certificates of Lawfulness (CLUEDs) if the use has been established through a period of time. The best method of securing change of use varies for each different property.

Diversification Schemes

Reviewing the current business and its forecasted growth is essential when considering appropriate diversification opportunities to generate supplementary income for the core business. We undertake feasibility studies to ensure that the proposals are the best commercial solution for the land and business which can be based on market demand, location specifics and levels of activity generation.

We have extensive knowledge of achieving diversification schemes in many different areas, including;

  • Equestrian

  • Leisure & Tourism

  • Commercial Business Lets – offices, workshops & Storage

  • Residential schemes

  • Enabling Development for Listed Buildings

  • Minerals & Waste

Strategic Farm & Estate Plans

We have a wealth of experience of producing strategic plans for landholdings which undertake a thorough search of the planning history, constraints and planning policies which are associated with the land. Taking into our clients short, medium and long-term objectives we identify the potential for opportunities which are realisable and advise on measures which could be implemented to create future opportunities. We work with our clients and liaise with local communities with a view of obtaining optimal results. Our approach is holistic and does not solely concentrate on the planning matters but also takes into consideration other factors such as changes in tax liability, wherein we work closely with accountants and solicitors to achieve justifiable savings where possible.

Land Promotion

Your land may have potential for larger residential and commercial development schemes and the active promotion of the land to the Local Planning Authority will aid to realise this. Many landowners are not keen to finance the promotion process and therefore enter into agreements with developer partners to facilitate the process.

We have experience of working directly for landowners wishing to promote their land as well as advising on the commercial terms of development agreements including;

  • Collaboration Agreements

  • Conditional Contracts

  • Option Agreements

  • Promotion Agreements

The Planning Process

We are able to advise on the most appropriate approach for securing planning consent, whether it be through undertake pre-application discussions with the Council, or prior notifications required by permitted development or complete submission of full planning applications. In the event that planning is not secured at a local level then we are able to advise on the most appropriate method of appeal; our experience also includes high court challenges. We can also provide advice on planning agreements including Section 106 agreements.