Landlord & Tenant

Relationships between landlord and tenant are important and stem from the correct agreement and terms being in place. This ensures that the practicality of each party understanding their obligations but alongside this other implications such as financial incomes and tax liability must be considered.

We have a wealth of knowledge on different lease, tenancy and licence structures to suit rural, commercial and residential property.

Agricultural & Rural

  • Agricultural Holding Act Tenancies

  • Farm Business Tenancies

  • Contract Farming & Share Farming Agreements – link to contract farming

  • Grazing Licences and Grass Keep Agreements


  • Assured Shorthold Tenancies

  • Protected and Secure Tenancies


  • 1954 Act Tenancies

We can provide advice on existing arrangements or structuring new agreements, as well as overseeing schedules of condition, maintenance and repair liabilities and end of tenancy matters. We have experience of tenant right valuations, success tenancies and surrender & termination of tenancies.