Compulsory Purchase & Infrastructure

When you are faced with the potential acquisition of your land for development in the public interest it is recommended that professional advice is sought at the earliest opportunity to ensure that you are appropriately represented, your position protected as far as is possible and you are made aware of the process and implications of such schemes including matters such as tax considerations.

Compensation Claims, Wayleaves and Easements

If your land is affected by a statutory undertaker (water, gas or utility company) or a neighbouring landowner is wishing to lay services to their property by crossing yours; you should protect your interests to ensure that you do not suffer any commercial disadvantage.

Compulsory Purchase

The acquiring authority will usually provide an undertaking to cover our professional fees and therefore you should incur minimal cost for the process.

We have experience of dealing with a great deal of compulsory purchase work, ranging from large scale land acquisition to smaller utility and road widening schemes. We are currently advising a large number of landowners affected by the High Speed 2 proposals.